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Federal Financial Management Curriculum

Graduate School USA’s Financial Management curriculum provides comprehensive training solutions that help you develop the broad range of knowledge and skills you need to make sound decisions.

Our Courses

Government departments and agencies need to balance diminishing resources while maintaining and expanding existing programs. Our courses respond to that need by helping students acquire the skills to achieve such a balance—though mastery of the tools and techniques of accounting, budgeting, appropriations law, and financial management. Courses in decision support and travel regulations for both defense and non-defense agencies are also available.

We offer training at the Basic, Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced skill levels. Courses focus on terminology and principles, as well as the laws, regulations, standards, policies, and procedures that underpin federal financial management. Taught by instructors with real-world experience in the field, most courses emphasize practical application of the skills learned.

Our Master Certificate in Federal Financial Management (MCFFM) develops the competencies that practitioners at all levels of the federal government must demonstrate to excel professionally. Participants who successfully complete the MCFFM are eligible to receive 12 academic credit hours toward the 42 credits required for the Colorado State University Online Professional MBA Degree with an emphasis in Federal Financial Management.

DoD Financial Management Certification
As a provider of more than 100 active courses aligned with the DoD financial management and leadership competencies, we are a primary source of training and development for those who need to attain or maintain DoD Financial Management Certification.

Financial Management Courses

Federal Accounting

Federal Budgeting

Federal Financial Management

Federal Appropriations Law

Federal Travel Regulations

Federal Competencies and Career Map

Courses listed in this section are structured to meet the workforce development and continuing education needs of federal government agencies, employees, and contractors. Where applicable, they are developed and updated to provide students with the competencies identified by government organizations or professional associations such as the CFO Council, Association of Government Accountants, and the American Society of Military Comptroller.

The CFO Council, with the support of the Joint Financial Management Improvement Program (JFMIP) / Office of Financial Systems Integration (FSIO), established core competencies that identify the knowledge, skills and abilities required for many Federal occupations including accountants, budget analysts, financial managers, program managers.

In addition to the work that JFMIP/FSIO have accomplished, the Budget Formulation & Execution Line of Business (BFELoB) recently developed the Federal Budget Community Career Road Map: Technical Core Competencies, Key Behaviors, Proficiencies, and Knowledge specifically for budget staff within the federal government. The Career Road Map includes six technical budgeting core competencies and associated behaviors, proficiency levels, and knowledge continuum.

Learn more about the Career Road Map.

Curriculum Development and Customization

Graduate School USA’s curriculum development team, with guidance from our Financial Management Advisory Committee composed of leaders in the field, develops new courses in addition to its annual revisions of the entire curriculum. Our curriculum designers also work with customers to tailor courses that meet the specialized needs of federal agencies and their employees.

Learn more about our customized training services.